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Emergency Ban Announcement - Access Archives

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

17th June 2020

Access Archives

As of today, Wednesday, June 17th, the Department of First Edition is issuing an emergency ban for the mission Access Archives. This ban is effective immediately for all Official Tournament Format (OTF) events except those events that are already in progress. Players participating in such tournaments beginning today will no longer be allowed to include this mission in their decks. Normally, updates to the OTF Ban List take place on the first Monday of each Month. However, this would be the 6th of July, which would fall after the start of the American National tournament scheduled to begin on the 4th of July. After consulting with volunteers within the Department of First Edition, tournament directors, and players, we made the unusual decision to issue this emergency ban.

It's been apparent for some time this mission was generating more points more reliably than was indicated in testing of The Cage. Design obviously allowed for the possibility of scoring 50 or 60 points, but aimed to have this mission regularly scoring 30 or 40; testing data bore that goal out. However, players have been regularly scoring more points. We hoped that putting the card on the Watch List would allow more players to develop counter-strategies for this mission, but it still sees excessive play, high reliability, and is having a warping effect on the game. While there are internal discussions about balancing errata and/or rules changes to address the card, it is unlikely either would be ready in time to avoid affecting upcoming major events. For these reasons, the card is banned in OTF play.

The next scheduled update of the Ban List, Watch List, and errata documents is Monday, July 6th, 2020.

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