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Subspace Championship Series Prizes

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

30th June 2020

With the cancellation of our official, in-person Continental and World Championships, we've instead kicked of an online series of tournaments called the Subspace Championship Series. We tend to work ahead on promo production, so we had already designed promos for Continentals and Worlds earlier. However, luck was with us and they hadn't been printed yet. So with a quick adjustment from Art, we were able to re-purpose the planned 2020 event promos into promos for the Subspace Championship Series 2020 instead.

First things first, check out the first set of promos for Subspace Championship Series 2020 (that were originally intended to be Continentals promos):

Assign Support Personnel Reclaim Terok Nor 10 Tribbles - Advance

Secondly, we have the former World Championship promos that are now the second set of Subspace Championship Series promos:

Kressari Rendezvous Cardassian Outskirts 100,000 Tribbles - Dance

Details on the distribution of these promos will be forthcoming from our Department of Organized Play, but all events in the Subspace Championship Series will be getting some of these promos. And we'll make sure there are other avenues to get them too, such as raffles, for people who are unable to play online. In any case, we hope you enjoy these awesome looking alternate image cards!

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