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New Tournament Promo Series Available Now

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

6th July 2020

Barzan Wormhole

It's been a while since we've had some new promos for you to enjoy, but that changes today. I'm happy to announce that we have a stock of Tournament Promo Series P (for First Edition) and Tournament Promo Series XX (for Second Edition) available for requisition in The Promenade as of today! Tournament directors that have hosted an event in the past year (or so) can order kits for prizes in future events.

Right now, our quantity is limited so we're asking TDs to limit their orders to one kit of each type. We will have more promos heading to our warehouse soon, so if they do happen to sell out quickly, don't fret - they'll be back. Would you like to know what the new promos are?

1E - Series P
All of the promos in this tournament series feature verbs with alternate images and story pulled from Star Trek: The Next Generation. This will come in very handy if the TNG-only card pool project moves forward. Here's the full list of cards in Tournament Promo Series P:


2E - Series XX
Second Edition fans shouldn't fret, there are some amazing new images on a variety of cards for you to enjoy in this set of promos. Check out the list of cards in Tournament Promo Series XX:

Once again, these promos are available for immediate requisition The Promenade, but please, keep to a limit of one kit per type per person. We'll be restocking these for the remainder of the year, so please enjoy them at upcoming events!

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