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A Tricorder Never Looked So Good

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

24th July 2020

Medical Tricorder

I'm pretty sure when you heard about the Promo-a-Week program, the idea of a reprint of Medical Tricorder probably wasn't on your list. It wasn't really on my list either, but fortunately, I don't make decisions in a vacuum. You see, unlike several other of the Premiere equipment, Medical Tricorder wasn't reprinted in later sets like Voyager, just in the starter decks associated with The Trouble With Tribbles. That alone means it was a good candidate for a reprint just so we could get a nice, clean, high resolution version of it to print!

But happily, this is one of the more useful pieces of equipment. Since it gives all of your SCIENCE-classification personnel present MEDICAL, it's invaluable for passing dilemmas like Medical Crisis or a Tarellian Plague Ship. To make that a little easier, there are twenty (20) mission specialists you can use with Assign Mission Specialists, thirty-nine (39) support personnel you can download with Assign Support Personnel, and nineteen (19) you can download with Defend Homeworld.

And of course, if you need access to Medical Tricorder quickly, you can use an Equipment Replicator - provided you stay out of the Delta Quadrant and are playing [TNG] (or lousy with ENGINEERs). Or you can grab it with a special download, either on Beverly Crusher from First Contact, Bareil, or Mila. And don't forget Samantha Wildman, who can get you any SCIENCE-related equipment or Jeremy Lucas, who gets you any MEDICAL-related equipment.

Once you have it in play, you might find it useful aside from all the extra MEDICAL it gives you. There are six (6) dilemmas that require a tricorder to pass, including the regular favorite Founder Secret. And just in case your opponent is trying to mess with history, you can visit Deep Space Station K-7 and try to find the Tribble Bomb before it disrupts the timeline.

All in all, this is a very handy piece of equipment. And thanks to this promo a week program and the release of the high definition remasters of Star Trek: The Next Generation, it's never been a better looking card.

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