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Staffing Update (2E)

by Tjark Ott, Director of Second Edition

8th December 2020

The Department of Second Edition has been reorganized to better operate and provide consistent strong products efficiently while accelerating processes.

The Department of Second Edition has now a dedicated Art Manager. Michael Shea will be taking this position supported by Lead Artist Marc Wagner. I am happy to have both aboard.This department is still under construction and I am confident that Michael and Marc will create a powerful team.

Errata, led by Stefan Slaby, and Playtesting, led by Lucas Thompson, have been quiet parts of the Department of Second Edition for a while, but will become more public to receive the credit they deserve as they build these two critical official Second Edition subdivisions.

On a related note, I am also happy to announce Stefan Slaby is no longer interim Errata Lead but is taking that position full time.

Last but not least, Julius Melhardt becomes my Executive Officer in order to distribute the "burden of the ring" on several shoulders and join forces to ensure that all departments are operating efficiently.

Director of Second Edition - Tjark Ott

Executive Officer - Julius Melhardt

Second Edition Art Manager - Michael Shea

Second Edition Creative Manager - Triumph

Second Edition Design Manager - Nathan Miracle - Interim

Second Edition Errata Manager - Stefan Slaby

Second Edition Playtest Manager - Lucas Thompson - Interim

Second Edition Rules Master - Amber van Breemen

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