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A Romulan's Appreciation for the Finer Things

by Michael Shea, Designer

1st January 2021


"I've had special Vulcan dishes prepared for you. I hope they're to your liking." - Charvanek, "The Enterprise Incident."

Garak once famously observed that everything about Romulus was grey: the planet, the buildings, the people, and even the Romulan heart. Romulans were, to Garak, a dull and unimaginative race. But people tend to defy such easy stereotypes, and the truth is often far more complex. And this brings us to Charvanek, Patriotic Commander, today's card from Shore Leave. A Romulan patriot, an able commander, and one who appreciates the finer things in life - including possibly a little Vulcan love slave - Chavarnek certainly demonstrates there's more to Romulans than an existence of dull grey.

This card is a persona of Charvanek, Neutral Zone Commander, a popular card in many Romulan decks. But, this Shore Leave persona has some key differences. This Charvanek is the corresponding commander to Memenda, Charvanek's Flagship that came out in All Our Yesterdays. This Chavarnek has a whopping seven skills for her low cost of 2. And, this Chavarnek's ability, when played she reveals each opponent's hand and then each opponent draws two cards, can be used to set up and/or complement a number of cards popular in [Pa] [Rom] decks, including Clear Ultimatum, Subtle Influence, Keras, Creature of Duty, T'Auethn, Obedient Centurion, Tal, Alert Subcommander and Gal Gath'thong, Pride of the Praetor.This makes this Chavarnek a welcome gift for the Romulan player indeed.

Stay tuned for more excitement from Shore Leave.

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