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A New Year's Surprise from Second Edition

by Michael Shea, Second Edition Art Manager

1st January 2021

Happy New Year 2021 Second Edition players!

Those of you waking up this morning and checking the TrekCC website may have noticed a new virtual expansion, Move Along Home, available today. Please consider this a little New Year's gift to you, the players, from the staff and volunteers on Second Edition.

Move Along Home is a collection of alternate image (AI) versions of each of the existing headquarters missions as of this date (as well as Caretaker's Array, Ceti Alpha V, and Prevent Historical Disruption). The text on the cards - title, subtitle, gametext, and lore - should be identical to their original versions, which is standard for AI cards. So, there's no new game mechanics in Move Along Home. But, what players will find is an opportunity to use visually striking new headquarters missions which look different from standard space or planet missions and, hopefully, add some unique affiliation or sub-affiliation flare to each players' mission suites. And, don't worry if you prefer the classic versions of the missions, you can still use those too.

The idea of headquarters AI cards is something that we've been kicking around for months, and once we figured out we could do it we decided that it would be a fitting opportunity to help start 2021 off in a positive way. And, while this set was intended to come after Shore Leave as the 54th expansion, because it is released and street legal today, the set icon falls before Shore Leave. We hope that doesn't cause too much confusion.

We've still got exciting content yet to reveal for Shore Leave. So, stay tuned as cards continue to be spoiled for that set. But, you can enjoy the cards for Move Along Home and start putting them in your decks as desired as of today.

May 2021 be bright and prosperous for us all!

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