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Celebrating Ten Years of Your Achievements

by Rogue Shindler, Achievements Master

27th January 2021

Surprise Party

One week from today, it will be exactly ten years since the article announcing the activation of achievements was posted. Can you believe it? TEN. YEARS.

While initial speculation was mixed, many (like me) were brimming with enthusiasm. Star Trek CCG, in all its forms, has always been set apart from it's contemporaries in the CCG world, in that rather than focus on the PvP aspect of game competition, Star Trek CCG (especially 1E) has always been about creating mechanics that faithfully recreate facets of the Star Trek universe in-game. For the Johnny players like me, being able to replicate events from my favorite episode or film scene was WAY more exciting than beating up my opponent with a random assortment of assets with no story cohesion. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy nullify the Horta FTW!

Whether you like them, hate them, or just earn them along the way, it's hard to dispute that few things have altered how and why the game is played as much as achievements. Over the the coming months, we'll look back at the history of TCC Achievements, how they have impacted play, the evolution of design, and of course, have MORE achievements! The special celebration period will span into the coming months, but in the anniversary month of February, you can expect to see:

Normally we would have planned for a celebration like this to run a month or so, like expansion release events, but things in the world are anything but normal right now. With nearly all tournaments happening online right now, we've extended the celebration period through the end of April to give everyone ample opportunity to find time to sign up for and play in tournaments online. And because achievements trigger from a tournament's system date, your tournament only has to start within the celebration period to qualify for the anniversary feats.

To rope in the weekend leading into the anniversary, the celebration period will start Friday, January 29, 2021. Tournaments starting on that date or later will start qualifying for anniversary feats! More details on those will come next week (don't worry, you won't need to plan much for those, as long as you are trying to earn some kind of achievements!).

Happy anniversary!


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