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In Memorium, Marc Phillips

by Mike Gillespie, durgforaday

27th January 2021

Evek Our Alabama play group lost one of our own on Thursday, January 21st, as Marc Phillips lost his battle with COVID Pneumonia. Marc was a man of God with a wife, two step-daughters and three grown daughters of his own. He was a professional musician his entire life and his music reached countless people. He was a fabulous pianist and vocalist. He played in a nationally signed band “ Hotel” back in the mid to late 70’s and a band called “Split the Dark” in the 80’s that won a MTV basement tapes competition. They were both really good bands that deserved better fates than they got. Whether he was performing or ministering (or both) he had a gift! He started playing First Edition and moved to Second Edition shortly after it was introduced. He loved his 1e Klingons but seemed to gravitate to the Cardassians of 2e. He especially loved Evek, Agent of Cardassian Justice. He was always talking and recruiting for the game he loved to play and collect. He never missed an opportunity to trade for cards he was looking for to complete his sets. We are devastated by this unforeseen loss and hope as we meet and play games with you in the future you will ask us to share our Marc Phillips stories. He was a tremendous ambassador for all things Trek and we are better for having been able to call him friend.
Thank you,

Mike Gillespie (durgforaday)

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