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New and Printable Promo Update Delayed (Again)

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

1st February 2021

Today, I have some bad news and some good news. Let's start with the bad news. In January, we delayed our new and printable promo update until today, confident it would be enough time to sort out the logistical issues that plagued us. Unfortunately, that turned out to be unjustified. In order to sure that we're able to deliver on the quality you expect, we need to push this off another month. You can now expect the new and printable promos on Monday, March 1st.

We realize this has been a consistent problem for most of our existence, and are looking at ways to improve the process. One option is moving the dates of the semi-annual update to April and October, allowing us to avoid the busy holiday season that often causes delays. Regardless, we'll keep you informed.

But I promised you good news, so here you go: w're giving away four (4) borderless promos: two for First Edition and two for Second Edition. To enter, all you have to do is fill out and complete a simple Google Form. You can enter the drawing for just a 1E promo, just a 2E promo, or both. That way, you won't get a promo you don't want.

This will be the start of a year of giveaways of these amazing borderless promos, so stay tuned. Take this one as our apology for the further delay in the new and printable update.

This contest is open through Saturday, February 27th. Winners will be drawn on the 28th and announced on the 1st of March, along with the updates to promos. Good luck on this contest!

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