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Happy Achieversary!

by Rogue Shindler, Achievements Master

3rd February 2021

Happy 10th anniversary, Achievers! While the achievements system was logging decks starting on January 1st, 2011, the Achievements system wasn't considered "active" until officially announced in this article posted on February 3. So whether you consider it the achieversary, or merely the announcemeversary, it's still a reason to celebreversar---(oops, that got away from me), er, to celebrate!

For the big day comes Project Garnet, our first big achievement release in, well, a while...

A long time

Oh, don't exaggerate, Rose. But yes, it's been a while. Between the squeeze for system resources and coder resources, achievements were trickling for a while, then built up to a small but steady stream. And then when we DID get a dedicated achievement coder again, he was so good at fixing things up on the down-low, that he had not only updated everything, but had gradually added everything from the large set waiting for release before we knew it had happened! So no big release again. Sometimes Markus does his job too good, but we're all EXTREMELY grateful for it! 

So it's not to say we haven't had new achievements. In fact, we've had several new design achievements with each new expansion for a couple years now. But there are still a chunk of time where we couldn't do that, and a swath of deck designs from those expansions that have no accompanying achievements. So that is where Project Garnet gets its focus. Now classic deck designs screaming for achievements like Declare New Sovereign and Unimatrix Zero can be partnered with new dilemma achievements like Dilemma Royale and Aftereffected

In addition, a new casting cycle is included for DS9 (and more) great, J.G. Hertzler and his repertoire of amazing characters. AND in as similar vein is a new family of sub-achievements we've wanted to do for a long time, but not all the cards have existed for it until now. Relive the classic intro: "Space, the Final Frontier. These are the Voyages of the Starship Enterprise..." If you can make it all the way to "Where no man/one has gone before!", you'll get credit for the entire opening monologue! And of course, new achievements wouldn't be complete without a whole new trouble of tribbles! (That's what you call a pack of tribbles, right? A trouble?)

All of these and more are live today. Happy achieversary! All told, there are over 80 new achievements available with the release of Project Garnet! What you won't see just yet are the special 10th anniversary feats. We're still putting finishing touches on those, and let's face it: we know you really want this first! To clarify a few questions on these: you won't really need to know what they are to start earning them! That's why we started the clock already. Without confirming specifics we're still finalizing, the 10th anniversary feats will be triggered by earning other achievements. Any achievements,  with bonuses for number and variety. So don't stress too much about the specifics. Go have some fun with these new Project Garnet achievements and you'll already get a jump-start on the anniversary. 

Oh, you know what else would be fun? Wait, I can't write that here; better go jot that down in the Project Amethyst file...

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