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Request for Comment: The First Edition Long Term Plan

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

4th February 2021

Plans of the Tal Shiar

Today, I'm proud to bring to you details about the First Edition Long Term plan. The creation of this document has taken up a lion's share of my time for the past year, along with many additional hours from volunteers within the department. It's a delight to bring it to you now, and ask for your time in reading it and responding with your feedback.

You can get all of the details at our landing page at https://www.trekcc.org/1e/longtermplan/. There, you can find the text of the plan in both digital and printable formats, a video covering the highlights of the plan, and links to the various discussion threads. If you're interested in following the plan as we collect and incorporate your feedback, please bookmark that page.

The plan covers four areas:

  1. A summary of the current health and state of First Edition.
  2. Plans to address the areas identified for improvement.
  3. An overview of organizational and procedural changes as we move forward.
  4. An overview of the short-term and medium-term plans for the game's design.

I suggest that you start by watching the YouTube video presentation, available on The Continuing Committee's YouTube channel. The full text of the plan is twenty (20) pages, and the video provides a summary of the key points - in a slideshow format - in just under thirty-eight (38) minutes. It's a great introduction to the content we're presenting to you today. I want to send out a special thanks to Allen and Delilah Gould, who edited the video and provided closed captioning, respectively.

We are very eager for your feedback on this. We hope you'll like most of what you see, and will help us to shore up the areas that you don't. Our goal is to work with you as we move forward, to get this game to an amazing place. Your feedback will be essential in refining this plan so that we have a roadmap into the future.

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