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The Department of Second Edition increases support for the Hall of Fame Format

by Tjark Ott, Second Edition Director and Scott Baughman, Communications Director

17th February 2021

Five years ago, in an attempt to spice up the 2e landscape, open up space for cards that rarely see play, and challenge experienced players to build new decks, members of the TrekCC community led by John Corbett (KillerB) created a novel concept: A community-driven format that empowered the players to "retire" cards that they viewed as problematic, overplayed, or just plain worn out.

This came to be known as the "Hall of Fame" (HoF) format. Every community member was given the opportunity to nominate a certain number of cards, and then vote yes or no to retire those nominated cards into the hall of fame. Since the first ballot in 2017, 77 cards have been deemed worthy of Hall of Fame enshrinement by the community, with annual turnout ranging from a low of 26 in 2018, to a high of 35 in 2019.

Along with the Period of Review voting for the TrekCC Board members, the annual HoF nomination and balloting process is front and center in the early part of every year. The format has clearly caught on and gained in popularity since it was launched, and the Department of Second Edition wants to do its part to ensure that the community continues to be empowered to participate in and enjoy both the balloting process and the format itself.

Two years ago, the Department formally recognized Hall of Fame as a sanctioned format. This year, we take the next step. During this year's period of review, a question was asked of the 2e Director what the parameters were for the Hall of Fame format. Despite supporting the format for the last two years, the process itself was never formally documented, increasing the risk of potential confusion on how Hall of Fame voting works. We see a need to address this concern.

To that end, Brian Sykes (Armus), a longtime community member and Hall of Fame advocate who has run the HoF nomination process on the TrekCC forums for the last two years (and is also running the balloting process this year) has graciously agreed to formally codify the nomination and balloting processes, along with the annual timeline.

Once complete, this document will be incorporated into the same document that currently shows the retired cards list and posted on the TrekCC homepage where everyone can access it. In addition to standardizing the rules of the HoF format and making them more accessible, the Department of Second Edition would also like to hear from the community what other support we can provide to enable participation in either the nomination and voting process or the HoF format itself.

Please send any suggestions or requests to the Director of Second Edition, Tjark Ott (tjark). Finally, the 2021 HoF Polls are open! If you have not yet done so, please review the list of nominees here and PM your ballot to Armus as instructed in the thread. Ballots will be accepted up until 11:59PM Server time on 2/28/2021. This is your chance to have your voice heard - don't miss it!

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