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Two Tribbles Errata for March

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

1st March 2021

It's not often that we have to issue errata for some Tribbles cards, but today is unfortunately one of those days. There's been a very active group of players playing every Tuesday night, online, for the past six (6) months or so. It's become clear from that data that two of the cards from last year's A Tribble of a Different Color are not working as they were intended, and need adjustment. Today, we officially make those adjustments.

Both cards, 10 Generosity and 100 Laughter, get the same change: reducing the number of points scored from 50,000 each to 25,000 each. These two cards were designed as part of a new deck that wanted to use all six of the new powers (Kindness, Generosity, Laughter, Magic, Honesty, and Loyalty). In practice, they are splashed into almost any deck as some of the most high-value point generating cards in the game. So much so, they have eclipsed Poison, Utilize, and Bonus in their value and efficiency. This change halves that value, so these powers should appear much less frequently outside of the "Magic" deck. Additionally, this should return other point scoring powers to viability, which will increase the diversity of available decks.

Here is the new text of these two powers:

10 Generosity
You and one other player (your choice) each score 25,000 points. Draw a card.

100 Laughter
Choose a player to discard a card, then choose a different player to place a card from hand on the bottom of their deck. If you did not choose yourself, score 25,000 points.

We will continue to monitor the health of the Tribbles play environment, as we work to introduce new cards that will help further adjust the meta game. Ultimately, Tribbles should be a game about "going out" and not just scoring points mid-round, so we'll be looking for ways to return the game to those roots.

Though it is rarely used, we reserve the the right to issue Tribbles updates to errata and/or rules on the First Monday of each month. The next scheduled update would be on Monday, April 5th, 2021.

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