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New Tournament Promos Series Q (1E) and XXI (2E)

by Charlie Plaine, Promo Manager

1st March 2021

Hologram Ruse

Let's be real: 2020 was a pretty difficult year. Everyone and everything was impacted, from the most powerful of people in the World to the small little promo production process we use. And it's been a rough start to 2021 as well, though there is a lot more hope in my heart - and I hope yours too. So let's get a little more good news out into the world by showing you the new tournament promos that will be coming soon to a Promenade near you!

Let's take a look at Tournament Promo Series Q (for First Edition) and Tournament Promo Series XXI (for Second Edition). These aren't in stock yet, because we've just got them out to the printers, but they will be soon. And then, you can order some of these amazing shiny cards for your own:

1E - Series Q
The last set of promos was alternate images from TNG of famous cards that weren't from that series. This series is the opposite - non-TNG reprints of famous TNG cards! Well, except for Black Hole. That's just a really pretty foil reprint of the original! This will not only give you some nice printable versions of cool cards, but provide some cool new story content. Take a look at what you'll find in Series Q:


2E - Series XXI
Last fall, in my temporary role as Interim Director of Second Edition, we had the community suggest and vote on a set of promos. I'm happy to say that this series is that set of promos. All of these beautiful cards were chosen by the community of 2E players, and I can't wait for you to get them. Check out the list of cards in Tournament Promo Series XXI:

Now, as I've said, we haven't quite gotten these promos in stock. For now, you'll have to look and not order. But we're actively working on getting these printed, along with a host of other promos for 2021. In addition, because tournament participation was down all last yhear, and it's been hard to keep kits in stock, we're also going to be keeping a stock of last year's promos as well. That means you'll have two different First Edition and two different Second Edition tournament kits to stock up with for the eventual return of in-person play! We will be limiting purchases to one per person per kit until we have time to stock up our supply.

In the mean time, enjoy your first look at these amazing promos. You'll be getting them into your hands soon!

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