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Dogs of War Release

by Ross Fertel, Wardog

26th March 2021

Plasma Currents

Dogs of War, the latest First Edition set, releases today! There are all sorts of cards revealed, some making their debut outside social media and the like. Let us look at how nifty they are.

We start out with a space counterpart of a card revealed on the first day of spoilers, Plasma Currents. This version goes for strength as opposed to Integrity and can pose a problem, particularly if you have multiple missions in a region. Fifty strength is not that hard to overcome but seventy is another story outside of Klingons and Dominion.

The Romulan Mind Probes can be very difficult to deal with. There is a card in Second Edition that stops personnel who do not have a skill required on a mission but in this case, you need good skill overlap on your personnel. That has the potential to be a massive stopper, particularly with the proliferation of Support and Mission Specialists in the game. If you have ways to manipulate random selections in your deck, this is the card to use them on.

If you find your fleet taking up too many resources, HQ: Shipyards is in your wheelhouse. If you can live with getting your headquarters in play, not having a Nor and only once a turn, you get a draw as long as your normal card play is a ship. Never before have the Kazon been in need of a Headquarters! With a bit of moderation, you can easily get a free card draw each turn without breaking a sweat.

Distorted Reflection will be a backbone of a Cardassian resistance deck, either getting points or milling your opponent for doing what you should be doing regardless. It pairs quite nicely with Steal Breen Armament. Although that mission is not in the Cardaassia region, the skills are good as are the points.

Decimate Homeworld

Looking at the big guns, what is more fun than destroying an opponent's headquarters? Scoring a boatload of points. It takes a good amount of resources to accomplish that feat and while you do have the benefit of your opponent no longer being able to take advantage of that facility, getting a good thirty-six points at the very least is a nice side benefit. Fire away with Decimate Homeworld!Tykk

A quintet of personnel are making their debut today, starting with the Cardassian Chaban. A resistance member like every other Cardassian affiliated personnel in this set, he does not have the skills to complete a mission, even with Espionage, but can get you over halfway in quite a few cases.

Baas and Fel join the ranks of Breen. Fel boasts the skill of Music, a rarity for the Dominion while Baas has a range of skills to supplement your crew while having an outright download of Decimate Homeworld if present with a Thot. Flet'ika's skills are also a good mix for your needs along with having a command icon. There is also Rayva who gets a boost to his attributes beyond the base. Simply adding a non-aligned personnel will do it but in a set based around various affiliations coming together, it is fun for the Dominion to get in on that action, too.

The B-Type Warbird may not seem like a cause for interest, but it is a big universal ship for the Deep Space Nine deck that does not concern itself with Tal Shair. The Tykk makes a bigger splash by adding a big armament to the Dominion fleet provided you have Breen around.

With the Dogs of War being released today, you might be wondering who let the dogs out? This set would not have been possible without the efforts of Playtesting, Rules, Creative, Proofreading Art and Programming. Whether you embrace your ever expanding roster of Dominion friends, work your way from the inside of the Cardassian resistance or modify your Alpha Quadrant Alliance, you have more fuel to succeed.

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