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James Monsebroten is the New 1E Playtest Manager

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

2nd April 2021

Today, I'm happy to announce that James Monsebroten (Orbin) has accepted the role of First Edition Playtest Manager. After several months with nobody in that role, James stepped forward to apply for the position and I'm thrilled he's accepted. With his help, we'll be improving communication with our testers, redesigning our playtest on-boarding process, and have a dedicated volunteer to manage recruitment and rewards. I asked James for a few words to sum up his thoughts on his new role:

I’m excited to be joining the First Edition team as Playtest Manager. I’m looking forward to leveraging my experience as both a designer and a playtester to help assist our playtesting team and to help coordinate our testing efforts. If anyone has any questions on playtesting in First Edition, feel free to reach out to me via PM.

Welcome aboard, James! Please join me in congratulating him!

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