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The Aggrieved Ferengi

by Lucas Thompson, Designer

24th April 2021

Rule of Acquisition #45

The Ferengi of Star Trek: The Next Generation often behaved aggressively, then acted as the aggrieved party. That behavior pattern is reflected in the new card Rule of Acquisition #45: either you win the battle and get a captive, or lose and the top ten cards of your draw deck are placed beneath your Ferenginar.

There are lots of reasons why you might want to lose a battle with this card. On a surface-level view, one loss using this card will make Nava read "draw a card of your choice from the top ten cards of your deck. The cards you get beneath Ferenginar are basically random - even discarding Rule of Acquisition #141 with Sovak will really only let you know what you're getting ahead of time. But once you have a large volume of cards there, you can manipulate which cards are there using personnel like Rom, Professional Soldier. If you've got Rules there now, go to town with Reyga, Young Scientist. If you've got personnel there, Farek and Surprise Audit become more attractive.

As attractive as the reward for losing is, I'd like to talk some about actually winning the battle. The Tacking Into the Wind expansion brought us some fun Ferengi engagement-related cards that haven't seen much play, but I dusted them off while testing this expansion and they're pretty fun to use now! The Kreechta has probably the most powerful engagement-related text in the game tacked onto it. Using Rule #45 with that ship give you the ability to swing by, ping for a captive, and then you have a whole turn ahead of you with your unstopped ship with its range fully restored.

Even better, the Kreechta's text works when you lose too! That's unlikely when you've got a beefy nine weapons, perhaps even more if its matching commander (Bractor) is buffing it, but in, say a Borg match-up, you'll at least get your consolation prize. (For bonus style points, try playing up being the aggrieved party versus the Borg! They aren't known for their compassion.) Tacking's Rule of Acquisition #34 will get an extra card from hand beneath Ferenginar either way, but winning with it will really have Reyga ready to turn a profit

Have fun!

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