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Interference from the Briar Patch

by Richard New, Design Manager

30th April 2021

"We haven't fully identified the anomalies yet. They're calling this whole area the Briar Patch. It took us a day to reach a location where we could even get a signal to you."

-- Matthew Dougherty, Star Trek: Insurrection



Partial signal acquisition originating from Sector 441.

Transcription errors detected.

Prepare message for manual analysis.


A message has been sent from the Briar Patch, but the full message will need to be organized in order to read it. Below you will find a 5x5 grid, labeled on the outside with the number of letters (not punctuation) found in each corresponding row and column. (The icons are not considered to have letters.) You will also find a word bank, but those words might have gaps in them from the corroded message. The grid, when complete, will give the game text for a personnel in Heroes and Demons (by reading across) and the corresponding code below will show their skills when filled in with the text from the gaps in the words (with a minor, but obvious substitution).

Send the completed skills and game text along with the title and subtitle of the card by PM to me, The Guardian by 11:59 PM Wednesday, May 5th (EST). A winner will be selected from all correct entries to receive a borderless Kurdon foil.

Oh, did I not give you clues to the subtitle? Fine. It fits the pattern and the second word has eight (8) letters, has been hinted at, and appears on two other cards’ subtitles not in this expansion. Good luck.

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