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Now casting for Trekquester

by Ross Fertel, Contested but not Sequestered

18th May 2021

This past summer, one of the things that kept my slender grip on sanity was Sequester. A social strategy game, you vote people out, but every round has a different rule. You might have to vote people out whose name beings in the first half of the alphabet. You might get immunity next round if a specific person is voted out.

This could get testy, but if we vote out cards instead of players, it could be a fun activity. Let me proudly introduce Trekquester. Sixteen of your favorite cards from all three games going head to head. Each round, one card is voted off but most of the rounds have some sort of twist. Think First Edition's March Madness but with some fun stuff thrown in to mix things up.

Voting is not ready to begin, not until we get a ‘cast’ at any rate.  I have enough slots for seven cards from First Edition, seven cards from Second Edition, and two from Tribbles.  Let me know which ones we should use.  Cards must have been released in 2020.  Also, while they are neat, we will not include promos.

Voting is expected to begin in June with a vote about every other day.  More details will follow, but we hope you revote and have some fun.   Also, voting will get you a chance to receive some borderless promos!

But before we can vote, we need a cast.  Take a look at the threads and let us know which should make the cut.

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