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Announcing the cast of Trekquester

by Ross Fertel, Cast in Steel

28th May 2021

The Continuing Committee recently announced Trekquester.  Based off the hit series Sequester, your favorite cards from 2020 will battle it out as one by one they are voted out until only one remains to reign supreme.  After combing through the casting threads and careful deliberations, we are proud to announce the cast.


From Q Who?:

Q of Borg


From The Neutral Zone:

Experience Bij!

Community Leader

Rayna Kapec

Mr. Spock


From The Omega Directive:

Bassen Rift, Interdict Genocidal Praetor


From A Tribble of a Different Color:

100 Cheat

100 Laughter


From All Our Yesterdays:

Edith Keeler, Must Die


From A Private Little War:

Ancient Citadel


From Apocalypse Rising:

Playing by the Rules

I Won’t Miss Him

Cardassia Prime, Subjugated Planet

Damar, Aggrieved Subject

Nadia Larkin, Dutiful Soldier


Voting will run through June.  Keep an eye on the front page for more information.  Remember you can vote once each round and each vote gets you a chance to win a glorious borderless promo.


In the meantime, what do you think of the cast?  Which is the early front runner?

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