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2021 Regional Kits Are Now Available

by Maggie Geppert, Promo Assembler

1st June 2021

As we slowly return to normal after 14 months of the COVID-19 pandemic, play groups around the world are starting to schedule their Regional Championships. The Continuing Committee is happy to announce that those of you who have paid for your Regional Processing Fees can at long last order the kits that go along with them in The Promenade. We apologize for the delay in production. These kits are well worth the wait, as this year's promos, all themed on the Year of the Bajorans, look great!

General Krim Krim 10 Tribbles - Draw

We are sorry to note that there has been a shipping delay on the buttons, and we will get those to TDs as soon as they make it to the Warehouse.

And if you haven't yet scheduled your Regional Championships, we hope that you and your play groups will soon feel comfortable gathering in-person.

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