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Trekquester Round 3

by Ross Fertel, Knowingly Unknown

5th June 2021

Welcome to Trekquester!  Inspired by Sequester, the social strategy game, we start with sixteen cards and vote one out each round until one remains.


Last time, we had a tie!  Q of Borg was chosen in the tiebreaker and is sadly out.  We have fourteen remaining.  You may have noticed that I have not been especially forthcoming with the vote tallies.  Each round, expect to just know how many votes were cast for the card that left, unless there was a tie.  For most rounds that is.  This round, if a card receives seven or less votes, you will know how many votes it received.  Note that if a card receives zero votes, that information will not be revealed.


Also, any card receiving ten or more votes will be immune from voted out this round.


Voting is now open and will remain so until at least 5:00 PM EST June 7. Note that you have an extra day to vote this round!  Voting will help you earn a glorious borderless promo.


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