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Card Extras Remastered - Hide and Seek

by Daniel Matteson, Writing Team Manager

2nd July 2021

Note: During the release period for Official Tournament Sealed Deck Remastered, we thought it might be fun and nostalgic to take a look at some of the Card Extras articles written for these cards on the Decipher site, and compare the original uses for these cards with some more modern uses. Please enjoy these Card Extras Remastered articles, releasing daily between June 30th and July 7th.

Hide And Seek

By Bill Martinson (billm@decipher.com)

So what's a Q-Continuum card doing in the Star Trek Official Tournament Sealed Deck? Quite a bit, actually. What you are seeing is the second dual-type card. This Q-Dilemma/Event gives you a lot of flexibility in a sealed-deck environment and breathes new life into the Q Continuum side deck of your regular tournament deck.

In a sealed-deck environment, you'll probably be taking advantage of the dilemma half of this card, since it can be seeded like a regular dilemma. Very simply, it gives you the ability to stop some or all of your opponent's Away Team members, limiting her chance of successfully completing that mission this turn.

Outside the Sealed Deck tournament, this card also becomes a valuable weapon in the war on Q "bypass" strategies. The first option you have is to place this card on the table as a Hidden Agenda event. Although this takes up a seed slot, you have the flexibility to use it at any time.

Have you been looking for a new reason to incorporate a Q-Continuum side deck? Throw a couple of copies of this card in your Continuum to back up the one you seeded as a Hidden Agenda. This way during a game, you can use the seeded copy to stop your opponent's first attempt at Q bypass. That copy of Hide and Seek will be discarded, but that's where the backups in your side deck come in! By the time your opponent attempts Q bypass at a different mission, chances are another copy of Hide and Seek will have come up from your Continuum. If the extras come up more often than you need them, or if your opponent isn't playing a Q bypass strategy, you can always choose to have the extra Combos: copies function as dilemmas.


Hide And Seek + Sealed Deck Environment: An effective dilemma to slow down your opponent.

Hide And Seek + Q Flash: Flexibility in accessing either text of the card. Pull out those Q Flashes!

Hide And Seek + Hidden Agenda option: Use it as a safety net in case your opponent tries to bypass the dilemmas via Q.

Hide and Seek is a bit too narrow for constructed play; it's fairly random and you don't see too many players without at least a decent smattering of universal personnel to break up the effect. However, it's a fun filter that's still very good as part of a Q-Flash, and makes for a solid enough filter when seeded in limited games.


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