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Card Extras Remastered - Make Us Go

by Daniel Matteson, Writing Team Manager

4th July 2021

Note: During the release period for Official Tournament Sealed Deck Remastered, we thought it might be fun and nostalgic to take a look at some of the Card Extras articles written for these cards on the Decipher site, and compare the original uses for these cards with some more modern uses. Please enjoy these Card Extras Remastered articles, releasing daily between June 30th and July 7th.

Make Us Go

By Landon Manning (lcmsmu@juno.com)

Basic Combo:
Make Us Go + Cytherians: Basically, this guarantees that the ENGINEER will be placed out of play since it requires one to get past, then the Cytherians "encourage" the ship to move away, removing the CUNNING>24 from the scene. (Bye bye, ENGINEER.)

Better combo:
Make Us Go + Birth of "Junior" + Cytherians: Get rid of an ENGINEER, send the ship off, and, more than likely, destroy it as well. To overcome this, the ship would have to have 4 ENGINEER on separate people, so no super ENGINEERs, unless the super ENGINNER is stupid (not likely to happen). Data would put a kink in this, but who wouldn't mind getting him out of play? Substituting Theta Radiation Poisoning for the Birth of "Junior" would work the same except you don't get to destroy the ship.

Make Us Go
By Scott E. Roszkowski (thejester@mailexcite.com)

A "pain-in-the-neck" card to be sure, this card targets what may be, arguably, the most powerful personnel type in the game. Let's see; Geordi, Scotty, Roga Danar, Lore, Zephram Cochrane, Data, Rachel Garett, and Miles O'Brien. Yep, sounds pretty powerful to me.

Here's where the fun kicks in. Seed the following combo in this order:

Make Us Go + Birth of "Junior" + Cytherians: What happens is this. You first encounter Make Us Go and it swipes one of your most cunning ENGINEER (most likely having ENGINEER x2. Doing this allows you to continue...

And run smack into the Birth of "Junior" which, in most normal cases, will gleefully attach itself to your ship but this doesn't stop you either. So of course you hit...

The Cytherians which sends you (with "Junior" in tow) to the far end of the spaceline. The fun part, you ask? Well, first off, you will NOT be back in time to save your ENGINEER from getting booted out of play. If that's not enough to ruin your trip, if "Junior" is attached...

Well, don't count on seeing those 15 bonus points any time soon.

Make Us Go is not used often outside of OTSD play, but it's still a solid ENGINEER filter to set up for more powerful dilemmas that need multiple ENGINEERs to pass, such as The Cloud or Spatial Rift. Following this up with Cytherians (with or without a Birth of "Junior" in between) is still the best way to make sure your opponent never sees that ENGINEER again."It is broken!"

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