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Card Extras Remastered - Husnock Outpost

by Daniel Matteson, Writing Team Manager

5th July 2021

Note: During the release period for Official Tournament Sealed Deck Remastered, we thought it might be fun and nostalgic to take a look at some of the Card Extras articles written for these cards on the Decipher site, and compare the original uses for these cards with some more modern uses. Please enjoy these Card Extras Remastered articles, releasing daily between June 30th and July 7th.

Husnock Outpost
By Bill Martinson (billm@decipher.com)

In a single moment of rage, Kevin Uxbridge eradicated the entire Husnock race. Left behind were the powerful Husnock ships, as well as a few surprises. One of those surprises, thanks to the craftsmanship of Decipher's award-winning art department, is the Husnock Outpost.

In a sealed-deck environment, the Husnock Outpost provides you a nice starting outpost capable of hosting whichever affiliation you decide to use. Much like a Neutral Outpost, this Non-Aligned outpost can be used by any one affiliation at a time (or more under a treaty). Don't worry over the fact that it seeds only at Non-Aligned locations, because you'll get just such a mission in your 20-card premium pack (and more are available in DS9 and later expansions).


In regular play, the Husnock Outpost can provide you with a variety of strategies. Allowing you to seed a Husnock Ship face up during your seed phase means you'll have a ship ready to go right at the beginning of the game. Its shields of 40 provide extra protection from roaming Klingon attack armadas. When protecting ships, it only extends 25% of its shields, but 10 added to shields of your ships is never a bad thing. And finally, this outpost does *not* say "seed one," so you can seed as many of them as you like -- just keep in mind that you can't build them later in the game.

Outside of OTSD games, Husnock Outpost is used in primarily Non-Aligned builds, and can also find a home in Delta Quadrant affiliation decks looking to establish an Alpha Quadrant foothold. It doesn't get as much use in Alpha Quadrant builds that usually have better choices for facilities or even secondary facilities (often a second facility slot would go to a headquarters or perhaps a Nor). However, this is still a solid and versatile choice as a Spacedoor seeded here can get you a ship of any non-Borg affiliation, The ability to seed Husnock Ship is nothing to sneeze at either, and a TNG Ferengi deck that could seed a D'Kora, Husnock Ship, and Mercenary Vessel all at once was a frightening prospect before several key cards received errata that slowed the deck down. By the way, i don't know what awards the Decipher art team won, but our own Art team deserves kudos for re-creating this image in high resolution!


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