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Nothing if not persistent

by Grebnedlog, Looking for things

3rd July 2021

Grebnedlog We Look for Things Make Us Go

We are Pakleds. Our ship is the Mondor. Our OTSD supply is broken.

We look for things. Things we need. Things to help us play. We look for new OTSDs.

We cannot find new OTSDs. Our tournaments are broken.

However, we are nothing if not persistent! We have sent a distress call. We will ensnare someone to help us.

Your Charlie Plaine has beamed over to help us. Now we have captured your Charlie Plaine. He is on our side now. He will make us strong. He will make us new OTSD cards.

We have replicator. We like replicator. We will make reprints! We will make lots of reprints in high definition. We will make unlimited OTSD cards now! We can play OTSD tournaments as much as we want!

Next we will have Charlie make us a Warp Core card! We will have free plays soon! We are smart now! We are strong!

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