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July 2021 First Edition Balance Update

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

5th July 2021

Welcome to the First Edition Balance Team update for July 2021. Today's update is a small one, issuing official errata to cards in the original OTSD to match the updates in Official Tournament Sealed Deck Remastered. Other than the errata to the fifteen (15) changed cards, there are no changes to the Watch List or OTF Ban List.

Errata Updates
To go along with today's release of Official Tournament Sealed Deck Remastered, we are issuing errata to the following fifteen (15) cards from the original OTSD:

Please note that this errata only includes the updates to the original OTSD cards. The other prints including virtual promos are not updated with the correct text in this update, but will be done in the large update planned for September. They are, however, considered to have this text.

Regular updates to errata, the OTF Ban List, and the Watch List are scheduled for the First Monday of each month. The next scheduled update is Monday, August 2nd, 2021.

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