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Introducing the 2021 Stockwatch

by Ross Fertel, Unwatchable

26th August 2021

We've got a few big events coming up. A few Nationals. Continentals. Worlds. Let's do a fun little activity and have some fun.

It's called the Affiliation Stockwatch. We'll take the affiliations and give them all a value. Everyone will start with the same pool of 'points.' Everyone will be able to 'buy' a group of affiliations. We'll close the bins shortly before the events happen and then the fun begins.

After the events, we'll adjust the values of the affiliations. If they are played, their value goes up. If they are not played, their value goes down. Your 'portfolio' will most likely change. Expect the bins to open up after the event passes but before the next one begins. Whoever has the most value at the end wins.

A few points:

If there are questions, post them in the accompanying thread, but here are the stocks values as of now. Since we are starting, everything is at a five but that will change. British Nationals and North American Continentals are coming September 11 with American Nationals shortly thereafter. Note that the first is a format using only the first twenty-nine sets. Have your entry in by 5:00 P.M. EST on September 9 and remember you have a starting allotment of twenty.

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