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Vidiians spotted in 2E? Update from the admiralty

by Scott Baughman, Staff Writer

30th August 2021

Hey folks, communications officer Scott here with another update from the Office of the Admiralty and Second Edition Director Tjark!

Message decoding from the Mirror Quadrant begins: "Greetings fellow Second Edition fans! Below you'll find updates about a variety of Second Edition projects in the works, with the most current tasks at the top. All of these updates are current as of the time of this writing and everything is very much a work in progress. Enjoy!"

Upcoming sets / projects:


This set is in production.
Anticipated release: Within the next 30 days!

What is it:
63 new cards where you can join different crews on their way, facing numerous old enemies like a non-humanoid species,native to a dimension called "fluidic space", tactically superior even to the Borg. Or you face an entity created from the fear of a Delta Quadrant race who operated the Kohl settlement.

Whichever crew you choose, make your choice carefully.

Report to duty on a federation vessel, where its Captain never turns his back on Federation principles.

If you want to be at home at times, join a crew that traveled over 10.000 light years in less than two weeks.

Looking for enlightenment - embark on a D7-class cruiser that traveled 30.000 light years into the Delta quadrant and therefore became a generational ship

This and much more is waiting for you.

"Community I"

This set is in the second playtesting cycle.
Anticipated release: Fall 2021

What is it:
A set of 36 cards designed by members of the community, but developed, tested and reviewed by Second Edition Staff.

Decide to take action. Join the rebellion against the Dominion - Live and die for Cardassia.

If you prefer a less exciting life, find peace in the wisdom of the prophets.

Visit Exo III and discover how to build sophisticated androids.

Make your machines more and more complex and learn how to build an exact android duplicate of any living being, including that person's memories!

Learn more about a theory in quantum physics, that at all possibilities that can happen or could happen, do happen in alternate quantum realities.


This set is in design.
Anticipated release: Winter 2021/2022

What is it:
24 cards and a little bit for every affiliation - focusing on Civilians - as the name would lead you to believe!


This set is in design.
Anticipated release: Early 2022

What is it:
A set based off the cut file.


What is the progress: Design.
Anticipated release: 2022

What is it:
An 18-27 card set about missions. Only you can decide if you would take a mission based on its risk factor.


Danara Pel Danara Pel

Vidiians, the first new affiliation for 2e for a long time - while this project is still in brainstorming phase, we can give you a first look at the 2e Vidiian template - Art and Gameplay Not Final

Compare 1e Danara Pel with the new 2e look.

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