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September 2021 Printable Card Update

by Charlie Plaine, Chair of the Board

6th September 2021

Hello, and welcome to the second printable update of 2021! If you aren't aware, twice each year - in March and in September - we remove the watermarks from some of our promos and make them available or you to print at home. If you're favorite version of a card was a previous tournament or event promo, you just have to wait until it becomes printable to use it as much as you want. We used to do these updates in January and June, but have moved them to this timeframe to make things easier and more reliable. Today, we bring you forty-six (46) newly printable cards - including borderless ships for the first time! We also went back through our lists and have updated any cards that were mistakenly excluded from previous updates. Here's what you'll find in today's update:

First Edition
Today's update makes the following First Edition promos printable:

Additionally, you can now print the following First Edition borderless ships:

Finally, we're revealing and making all of the white border preview cards printable - at least for those that have been released in black border as well. Here's the list:

Those white border preview cards that have not yet appeared in black border - including two (2) brand new ones - remain hidden. These three will show up in First Edition tournament kits for the rest of 2022 and into 2023. Keep your eyes out!

Second Edition

Today's update makes the following Second Edition promos printable:

Additionally, you can now print the following Second Edition borderless ships:


There are no newly printable Tribbles cards in today's update.

All of these promos will be printable through our deck builders within the next few hours, and will also available as PDF downloads from the promo pages. Each of the event promos, white border promos, and release promos will be available as both 3 UP and 9 UP promos. We hope you'll enjoy all the newly printable card options! Good luck and have fun!

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