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What Do You Fear?

by Maggie Geppert, Staff Writer

4th October 2021

The Clown: Fear Incarnate

The Star Trek Voyager episode "The Thaw" has provided nightmare dilemmas to both First Edition and Second Edition since the first dilemmas beginning with "The Clown" came out in The Borg. In Second Edition, The Clown: Guillotine and The Clown: On His Throne have been popular additions to dilemma piles using All-Consuming Evil (ACE), since they have Consume text and can mean extra kills.

The Clown: Fear Incarnate

Now these dilemmas have a new support card in the form of The Clown: Fear Incarnate. This dilemma, inspired by Chula: the Game, is designed to support a more Clown-intensive dilemma pile, which will have your opponent trembling after the first one shows up. The timing is the same The Game, so no throwing overcosted Clowns here. It does do an initial stop when you reveal the first Clown dilemma after placing it on the mission. But right there we start to see the differences. That stop might turn into a kill if you don't complete the mission on this attempt. Because this is a more powerful effect, Fear Incarnate is limited to one per mission.

You might be wondering why we would want this card at all. After all, as of this expansion, there were only four Clown dilemmas in all of Second Edition; the two mentioned previously, Bitter Medicine and Go Away. The Clown: Ultimatum was revealed in the introductory article for this expansion and now I can show you a Celebration, which brings us up to six Clown dilemmas to be supported by Fear Incarnate. This dilemma continues a tradition of Consuming other dilemmas, so will fit in an ACE pile. I see this fitting in a number of dilemma piles on its own merits, though. Are you tired of Five Space Voyager running through three missions in a turn with Homeward Bound? Stop 'em with a big wall and end their turn.

So, how do you want to make your opponent shiver?

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