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Caretaker Release

by Daniel Giddings and Benjamin Rostoker, Caretaker Set Designers

8th October 2021

Caretaker releases today. You have spent the last couple of weeks coming to the site to get the spoilers while also reaching out to Twitter and Facebook as well. There have been articles showing all the ways these cards can be used to their potential and today the final batch, and final story, is revealed.

One last story…


Reg. Ugh. Reg (or, as he was in testing, “Barclay Hologram”) was an 8-month-long headache (of my own making), and gave me an unsettled night's sleep at least once. He started out as a skill pony who could be played like the Imperturbable Infiltrator, becoming your opponent's, but giving you points when he used his skills to overcome your dilemmas. Ben quickly pointed out this was rubbish (but politely).

I very much wanted his infiltrator theme to remain, and we cycled through several variations of what boon the player could receive for giving up quite a choice personnel to an opponent's ship, and how the opponent could interact with him.

The text he ended up with was solid, but his first line read “You may play this personnel at cost -X aboard an opponent's ship”; this meant he could be played in any deck (a la Tosk), so it became “If you command Ferenginar, you may play this personnel at cost -2 aboard an opponent's ship”. Better, but a little clunky. One of us (I can't remember who) came up with “When you play this personnel, you may place him aboard an opponent's ship”, and it was settled.

Until testing.

Feedback came in asking why we'd created a card that could be used in any deck AND comboed easily with Founder Trap and Pseudopod.

This slightly rattled me (hence the unsettled night) and I tapped up Ben on Discord:

Danny: There is one thing that jumps out: I use to think that Barclay Hologram being playable in any deck wasn't an issue, but now see he combos really well with Founder Trap and Pseudopod? Has this already been noted and I originally ignored it?

Ben: I thought we fixed him so you could only use him in Holograms and Ferengi.

Ben: Yeah, he is fixed.

Reg had been such a thorn in the side of my brain, that when his gametext was misread in testing (it happens), I'd forgotten that we'd already pre-emptively fixed that problem.

Luckily, he's out, and he's everyone else's problem now: do you play him as a Cunning 7 six-skilled staffer for you, or as an infiltrating card-cycler aboard an opponent's ship?

Back to the set...

When we announced this set we promised you that we'd ensured that pretty much every single Voyager-based affiliation, sub-affiliation, and card group gets significant and meaningful support from this expansion. Having added four new dedicated Equinox cards, at least ten new Hologram deck cards, three Species 8472 dilemmas, three new Borg cards, five Maquis personnel, three Delta Klingons, four Relativity personnel, a Ferengi Hologram, a ton of Voyager crew, a space 8-cost capture dilemma, and having doubled the number of Clown dilemmas (whilst giving them a real binding theme of their own),as well as nine new missions, we hope you'll agree that it's fair to say we delivered on that.

But enough self-congratulatory back-patting. We need to pat other backs too, specifically those of the Rules, Creative, Proofreading, Art and Playtesting Teams (and those individuals of the community providing ad-hoc punch-up comments) for getting these cards out to you. They are legal next Friday, October 15th 2021. Print them out and enjoy.

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