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Bridge Crew: Preconstructed Decks

by Fritz Meissner, Ambassador

31st October 2021

Bridge crew rules require unlearning a few things from standard Second Edition.

For example: you don't need to fill your deck with personnel to draw skills at the right time, and most of the time, you'd rather have a cheater or something you can discard to fuel an effect in hand than a personnel. Therefore interrupts are likely to occur in much higher numbers in bridge crew decks.

You want to spend most turns executing orders and in particular solving missions, so you won't do supply turns very often. Therefore drawing in the orders phase is useful.

Kills can force more supply turns and therefore fewer solving turns. Kill prevention can therefore play an important role.

It's possible to take your normal 2e deck, add 10 starting cards that meet the bridge crew rules, choose of your two missions plus your HQ and be off to the bridge crew races. However based on the above observations you'd be better off having a draw deck that is built from the ground up for this format.

That's where these preconstructed decks come in. Now you can try out the full bridge crew experience just by printing (or load in lackey) and playing.

Let's start with the things they have in common:

The decks have been tested against each other and form a classic good/bad matchup.

TNG Good Gals/Guys

In the one corner we have familiar TNG faces crewing the U.S.S. Phoenix. The starting cards for the deck are:

Everyone in the deck except Worf is cost 2, which means he can swap them around to dodge dilemmas. There's a hypospray and lots of kill prevention to keep them alive, because he can't bring people back once they're dead. The Phoenix and Beverly allow you to bring cards back into hand to fuel Worf's effect.

In classic trek "amusing bad stuff happens to the bad person in the end" style, this deck is packing an Infestation pile fuelled by Kavis Alpha. This may make it pretty good in bridge crew games against decks that start with a crew full of personnel who ignore random selections.

Romulan Sneaky

In the other corner we have the Romulans, who pack a bit of interference, some kill dilemmas and a whole lot of tricky interrupts. The starting cards are:

This crew skips the optional equipment and uses the maximum number of personnel, which is good against the TNG deck's attrition. There are a number of abilities that trigger when certain personnel are stopped, so your opponent letting you choose the stops with Infestation is a bonus.

If you have range to spare one turn, you can also drop Sela off at their planet to interfere with personnel abilities and fuel Lying in Wait (note: you can also use this on your attempts) and Secret Conspiracy.

The dilemma pile here is kill heavy, including some dilemmas that are strong with all the interrupts you'll have in hand.

Good Luck!

I hope you have fun trying these out, and please post any feedback you have here on the forums or in PM to me (Fritzinger).

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