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The Trial Never Ended Available Now

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

1st November 2021

Q: Enter the Supernova

Today brings the release of The Trial Never Ended, a new 9 card virtual First Edition expansion from The Continuing Committee. Featuring a new and refreshed Q mechanic, along with the games first ever Voyager-logo [Q] cards, this expansion is bound to shake things up like only Q can! All of the new cards are available for free and immediate download on the expansion page and, unlike most expansions, are legal immediately.

To go along with this refresh of the Q Continuum mechanics, 17 cards were issued errata and are officially updated today. For more details on the specific changes, check out the Balance Team article also published today. But for your reference, here is the list of cards that have received updated text:

These errata and the release of The Trial Never Ended also include a number of Q-related rules changes. As with these cards, new and errated, these changes are intended to streamline the mechanics of Q. First Edition Rules Master James Heaney [BCSWowbagger] goes into depth about these changes in his article about the rules supplement for The Trial Never Ended.

Finally, to celebrate the release of this expansion, Director of First Edition Charlie Plaine [MidnightLich] is hosting a release event online, kicking off on Monday, November 8th. The update to Lackey should be in place later this week, so update your copy and build a deck. As a release event, there will be special prizes along with special, Q-themed restrictions to maximize the fun. Come join us! And don't forget to check out The Trial Never Ended available - and legal - now!

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