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Second Star to the Right

by Ross Fertel, Embodiment of Merriment

24th December 2021

The latest set for First Edition, Second Star to the Right, is tournament legal today. The focus is all around the shiny golden spiffy Classic Films Icon, but there is still stuff here for those looking for something else to play with.

The set starts off with a pair of dilemmas, one that can cause an attribute drop and another than can stop a personnel for quite some time. One will help with setting up something more deadly while another requires set up but can prevent a mission from being solved.

We Surrender!If you need a temporary relief from battle, We Surrender! Is there for you. Boasting a countdown icon of one, it is very short lived and has a high cost of capturing two of your personnel and even then they are your opponent's choice. Do not be too alarmed because there are ways around the countdown and the game has a multitude of ways for you to get your personnel back.

GIVE ME GENESIS! Is the last card to not feature the Classic Films Icon. Although the card calls out Kruge, you do not need him to make this Objective work. There is still a lot of work needed to pull this card off since your opponent does have to 'cooperate' though you can mitigate that by having a dilemma combination that you can easily breeze through. It requires some work, but The Genesis Device is well worth it.

The rest of the set requires you to at least have some Classic Films Icon cards in your deck, but this is another instance where words matter. Slingshot Effect and Take us Out! both require that icon on a ship. The latter requires all ships to have that icon but some affiliations with weaker ships might see the benefit, though they might need a good amount of personnel with the right affiliation icon to staff.

Words are also important on the personnel. A lot of cards in the set gain skills when they are with that icon if all the personnel present have that icon. They do not care about another quadrant or even another mission, just that one specific place. One personnel will break that 'chain,' but you can work things out so as not the have your deck be comprised entirely of that icon.

Furthermore, Overhaul Ship Systems, the sole mission in the set, requires six of the Classic Film Icon on personnel. It does not care about anything else on the other personnel. The rest is up to you and very easily put into your deck. Heck, all you need is one Federation personnel to attend and have fun with majority Non-Aligned crew.

Most of the fun tricks in the set are easier to reap the benefits of with all your personnel with the Classic Films Icon. There is room for a devious mind to get around that restriction. Have fun with Second Star to the Right which is tournament legal as of today. This set would not be possible without the efforts of the Rules, Creative, Proofreading, Art and programming.

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