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Second Edition Update

by Tjark Ott, Director of Second Edition

15th December 2021

Dear community,

I'd like to start by apologizing. Some personal obligations got in the way of informing you in a timely manner about current developments in the world of Second Edition. I am confident that I will be able to give you a monthly Second Edition update in the future.

Staff Changes

Due to personal reasons, Amber Van Breemen (Marquetry) has resigned from her post as Second Edition Rules Master. She will, however, remain a member of the Rules Department. At the same time, she consented to lead a committee to find a new Rules lead. She has complete independence in this matter, both in the composition of the committee and in the selection of possible candidates.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Amber for her service in the past and future.

Balance Team Updates

As always, emergency errata updates will appear as soon as possible, when needed. You can look for all other Balanced-based errata to be published twice a year in the periods from March to May (period 1) and September to November (period 2) on the first Monday of a chosen month. A timeframe is necessary to avoid unintended side effects with errata interfering with major scheduled tournaments.

Hall of Fame

As many are aware, the Hall of Fame format polls in 2022 are being supervised by Brian Sykes (Armus) independent from Second Edition leadership, as is traditional. Of course, thanks also go to Brian for his continued service.

Upcoming Sets

Due to time constraints, the order and timeline of the next sets has changed. The next set showing up will be project "Civilian", a set of 27 cards focusing on, as the name suggests, the non-uniformed side of Trek. You will find cards for any affiliation in this set; new toys for everybody! Appropriate as it was originally planned for X-Mas 2021. Unfortunately, the timeline wasn't able to be kept, but "Civilian" is in the last testing cycle and will show up shortly at the beginning of 2022.

Project "Community I" will be the next in line. This set has already gone through some playtesting cycles, but in order to allow playtesters to fully focus on project "Civilian," it was put on hold. Meanwhile, improvements are being made. The set size is between 36 and 45 cards as of today.

Tjark Ott, Director of Second Edition

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