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2021 Affiliation Stockwatch Finale

by Ross Fertel, Lock, stock and barrel

31st December 2021

German Nationals is over and so is the Second Edition Affiliation Stockwatch for 2021. Voyager and The Next Generation went up by two while Deep Space Nine went up by one. Everything else went down by one. Here is a handy chart for reference:

Bajoran 6
Borg 8
Cardassian 4
Dominion 8
Deep Space Nine 9
Earth/DS9 4
Ferengi 2
Khan 2
Klingons 7
Maquis 4
Non-Aligned 4
Relativity 2
Romulan 5
Starfleet 2
Terok Nor 2
Next Generation 10
Original Series 4
Voyager 10

With those values in, we have a winner! You’ll see the chart below but let me thank everyone who participated with this event. Glad you had some fun looking at the meta and pointing your way to victory. If you want a rundown of the event overall, a video version can be found here. Thanks to Maggie “Jadziadax8’ Geppert and Tjark “tjark” Ott for helping.

Armus 30
Danny 22
Eberlems 28
Fritzinger 26
Gooeychewie 24
Grandar 32
Jadziadax8 23
Jesson 29
Mugato 31
Sevencrdpud 8
Uglywithglasses 27

Please join me in congratulating grandar on what was a very close race overall.

Let us know your thoughts overall. Did you have fun? Should this continue for 2022? Be sure to also check out the recap of the event including overviews of some decks.

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