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Office of the Admiralty: 2E News - 01.07.2022

by Tjark Ott, Director of Second Edition

7th January 2022

Dear 2E community,

Here are the latest major developments involving Second Edition:

Staff Changes

Effective January 10, 2022, Michael Shea (The Prefect) will be stepping down as Art Director for Second Edition. Michael began volunteering on the Art Team in 2017. Michael's tenure as Second Edition Art Director has included overseeing art production on five sets, the introduction of pop-out art cards for Second Edition, the creation of new affiliation templates (one of which you've already seen), and a few other surprises that will be revealed later this year.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Michael for his service.

Taking over as Art Director for Second Edition will be Marc Wagner, who has served as Lead Artist for Second Edition since 2021, working very closely with Michael. Marc oversaw the creation of pack art and cover sheets for both First and Second Edition, even before serving as Lead Artist. Marc's contributions were crucial to the creation of new Second Edition templates. Marc has also been a longtime and prolific contributor to various dream card groups and forums and currently serves as a moderator in The Dojo.

Marc had this to say about his plans for the future of Second Edition Art:

"I am very excited about the future of Second Edition. I am proud of the work we've done and I am looking forward to the work we have yet to do. The creation of new Second Edition templates will bring new gameplay possibilities to Second Edition, opening up new design options that will allow for the creation of entirely new content for many future sets. I endeavor to use my time as Second Edition Art Director to create new practices and refine existing procedures that will empower Second Edition Art volunteers to give players and set creators alike much enjoyment for years to come."

I wish Marc the best of luck for the coming projects.

Upcoming Set Update

Classification: Civilian, the forty-second virtual expansion for Star Trek CCG Second Edition - a set of 27 cards - focusing on the non-uniformed side of Trek is on its way. We are currently finishing our proofreading and art process and will have it to you soon.

It's your choice now:

Pay a substantial membership fee to become a loyal member of a ruthless criminal organization.

Help Federation-born colonists and discontented Starfleet officers fight an overpowering enemy.

Join a group of extremely intelligent aliens who travel about the galaxy, offering to solve people's problems for a price.

Or find your professional fulfillment working in Ten Forward aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise-D.

Online Tournament Promos

In times of COVID, online tournaments are a safe way to test new decks and keep skills sharp. For this reason, the 2E Art team wanted to support online tournaments in a special way and created a "side-by-side" promo.

While we're still figuring out how to make these available to the community, we are proud to give you a preview.

Tjark Ott, Director of Second Edition

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