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Decipher Cards versions addition

by Markus Eberlein, Chief Programmer

8th January 2022

Decipher Cards versions addition

As some might have noticed, I did add about 1500 cards which were printed by decipher into the database.

Those cards include the 2 whiteborder 1E Premium versions, Collectors tin, Warp Pack, BoG Foils, TWT Starter Reprints without Tribble, Starter Deck II reprints and Tournament Foils as well as A Foils on the 2E side, 10th Anniversary reprints, Adversaries Collection and Tournament Foils.

In the forum, I posted some threads about this. I am still trying to find images of those cards.
Thanks to Richard, Harry and Patrick for all the input so far.
There are still several cards without a scan left.

If you do have scans or good photos of the cards without an image, please don't hesitate to upload them in here.

For playing those versions were not needed, but for the next step these are very useful.

Now what's the next step?

How about something to manage collection and haves and wants?


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