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Classification: Civilian Ten Weeks Out

by Ross Fertel, Decem

19th April 2022

Classification Civilian released February 11, 2022. As of this writing, all but one of the cards has been used in a deck. There are four decks that have not been attached to a tournament at this point, but they are otherwise ready to go. This week, we'll look at these lonely decks.

Quark, MiddlemanWhat better place to start with than the Mock Ferengi Beginner Deck v2 by Adam Bargar. With that description, you can expect a basic deck and that is a great way to describe Obol. The Ferengi are not the affiliation that comes to mind when you think of a beginner, but Obol makes their Ferenginar mechanic easier since he outright puts a card under that mission when he enters play. This deck offers a good sampling of what the Ferengi can do from cards under Ferenginar to Rules and enough mains to entice you. It offers a roadmap for you to fine tune their strengths to suit your needs and you can also go a more traditional solving route as well.

We have seen Ramius, Syndicate Collaborator in some decks diving headfirst into Commodities. I would have a hard time characterizing If I Had a Million Dollars by Nathan Miracle as that kind of deck, it certainly has a portion of that build. Using the Dominion occupied Cardassia, you have a good number of various strategies in order to facilitate the win. Commodities and this new Cardassia go well together but this deck offers more in your path to victory. They certainly have a strong presence but are not especially critical to the success of the deck, providing an option but not an absolutely be all and end all strategy as there are other ways to get the win.

When you consider the Think Tank, you have to think big like Derek Marlar with his deck aptly titled Think Big. The Federation has been solvers of big missions since the dawn of the game with the first set released, and Seven of Nine, Ideal Candidate fits that mold. You'll notice that this deck does not have a headquarters mission but there are ways to get your ships (along with personnel) in play and expanding your solvable mission options. A while back, there was a deck that exploited the Original Series ships that play at Earth. Anecdotally, that deck had roughly a one in three chance of success, but the Think Tank gang ups those changes of you getting off the ground. This is not the first deck to give a player by any stretch of the imagination but is a fun one to take out in the wild so that you can see some fun and interesting possibilities with the game.

The final deck looks at Ben, Civilian Server. We still do not know the optimal mix of Command and Staff stars to fully take advantage of his gametext, but Nathan Miracle is hoping that seventeen and seven is the magic ratio with a deck called Farmers and Pharoahs. There are not a lot of Staff Personnel to gain skills, but they have a nice buffet of skills to choose from with their Command counterparts to go around-the-corner and win. Give it a try at your enxt event.

These four decks are ready to go for your next event. Feel free to print or download and show that there is fun to be had and give them a place to call home.

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