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Beginner Deck: Ferengi

by Lucas Thompson

22nd July 2022

"Only fools pay retail." Playing a Ferengi deck is a very different Second Edition experience. Some affiliations have really good attributes, others have a high skill density; some affiliations draw cards very quickly but generate waste, others retrieve cards from their discard pile efficiently; but playing a Ferengi deck is like playing competitive accounting. They're not for everyone, but I've found that players who like playing Ferengi decks get a lot of enjoyment out of doing so.

This deck will speak to any player who likes to set up a powerful combination of cards. The key pieces here are Par Lenor, Lascivious Emissary, Rule of Acquisition #141, the cards that put specific cards under Ferenginar (Quark, True Ferengi, Quark's Advice, and Obol), and the zero-cost Rules (Rule of Acquisition #6 and Rule of Acquisition #76). Here's how it works:

  1. Get Par Lenor and a zero-cost Rule event in play.
  2. Use Quark and/or his Advice to put Rule of Acquisition #141 underneath your Ferenginar.
  3. At the start of your turn, use the text on Rule of Acquisition #141 to swap it with your zero-cost Rule event in play.
  4. Also at the start of your turn, use Par Lenor to blow up Rule of Acquisition #141, giving yourself 9 extra counters that turn.

Admittedly, that's a lot of combo pieces and a lot of steps. The good news is that the combo doesn't need to go off particularly early for it to have a big impact. You may get a slow start, but suddenly having access to a lot of resources can lead to a lot of sudden mission completions. I've played a lot of test games with this deck (it's very fun to play!), and I've only had one game where the combo never went off. Even that game wasn't entirely lopsided - there are a bunch of other fun tricks in the deck that you can discover.

Once you're comfortable with this deck, you might want to personalize it. It is based on a submission by forum user abargar7510, which in turn was based on successful decks like John Corbett's 2018 World Championships winning deck. You may take inspiration from that deck list, or consider these cards:

Make the Combo More Reliable
- Trek is the odd CCG where you can actually make your combo deck more reliable by adding more cards. You could start by adding more Par Lenors, zero-cost Rules, Quarks, and Obols. Call of the Nagus is another card that can help you get the pieces you need - just download three copies of Par Lenor with it, and one of them has to go to hand.

Cook the Books
- Ferenginar isn't just useful as a place to store Rule #141; it can also act as an extension of your hand, or as a place to hold additional resources to spend on cards like Reyga, Young Scientist or Falsify Distress Signal. Doing some battle using Rule of Acquisition #45 or Rule of Acquisition #62 (and losing) can stack a whole ream of cards under there, which can then be retrieved with cards like Nava.

Don't Let Family Get In the Way of Business
- Rule of Acquisition #6 isn't just good as swap fodder, it can also be a potent resource generator on its own. You can either use it opportunistically for a few bonus counters per turn, or intentionally reduce the average cost of your deck to maximize the value you get from it. I really enjoyed attempting with gargantuan crews with this Ferengi chump deck.

Unwanted Guests
- Ferengi personnel have lots of the Acquisition skill which generally isn't that great. Because it's a very rare skill for other affiliations, it just doesn't show up that much on dilemmas... unless you force it to. This deck runs a copy of Unwanted Guests, which you can fairly easily manipulate to require Acquisition of your opponent's personnel. Once you're used to using it, try adding some more copies of it and possibly some copies of Pawn Against Pawn too (until your opponents start adding random Acquisition personnel to their decks).

General Use Cards
- Some cards can just go in any deck - and often do because they're so useful. An extra counter per turn from Surprise Party wouldn't go amiss. And once you've played a few games, you'll see how the reboot from Unexpected Difficulties can be game-changing. Alvera Tree Ritual is subtler - you basically play it for free, and not only does it protect you from any dilemma pile manipulation, but it can also be used offensively. If you keep track of which dilemmas you don't use, you can proactively use the Ritual to shuffle your dilemma pile at opportune times.

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This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:


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54V13•Ferenginar, Financial Hub
1U169•Feldomite Rush
14U60•Purchase Moon
1U150•Acquire Illicit Explosives
23V28•Falsify Distress Signal

Draw Deck (35)
14U372x Quark's Advice
7R282x Rule of Acquisition #141
0VP2251x Rule of Acquisition #6
7C271x Rule of Acquisition #76
0VP1591x Rule of Acquisition #33
7R701x •Arridor, "Great Sage"
38V301x •Benjamin Sisko, Grand Proxy
7R741x •Brunt, FCA Liquidator
15V361x •Gaila, Arms Dealer
26V381x •Gint, Avaricious Author
25V441x •Jadzia Dax, Tongo Player
7U791x Kol
7C801x Krunk
7C821x Letek
13U871x •Nog, Bar Owner
57V191x Obol
7U882x •Par Lenor, Lascivious Emissary
0VP1771x •Quark, True Ferengi
16V381x •Reyga, Young Scientist
13U891x •Rom, Professional Soldier
26V391x •Stol, Wealthy Cousin
7R931x •Taar, Bristling DaiMon
7R941x •Zek, The Grand Nagus
0VP1521x •Lore, The One
1C3391x •Pran Tainer, Atrean Seismologist
0VP1211x •Shran, In Archer's Debt
28V471x •Yedrin Dax, Heir Apostate
7C1173x D'kora Marauder
0B71x •Kurdon
7C1191x Personal Transport
Dilemma Pile (30)
29V12x Adopted Authority
4C61x Back Room Dealings
14U42x Chula: The Chandra
37V21x Dark Page
0VP1971x Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
21V32x In Development
26V42x Intimidation
21V51x Mark of Gideon
0VP1671x Moral Choice
0VP2672x Old Differences
0VP2351x Polywater Intoxication
0VP771x Secret Identity
15V71x Show Trial
31V121x Unconventional Consideration
16V201x Unwanted Guests
17V82x Miner Revolt
12R141x No Kill I
37V51x Pillage and Plunder
0VP2681x Rogue Borg Ambush
38V21x Covert Extraction
0VP891x Gomtuu Shock Wave
29V72x Inquest
8R131x Outclassed

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