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Classification: Civilian - Twelve Weeks Out

by Ross Fertel, Duodecim

3rd May 2022

Classification, Civilian was tournament legal on February 18. As April draws to a close, there weas an event in Florida and four decks there used cards from this latest set. Let’s take a look at them.

John Kinney’s Revolution 9 is a triple headquarters deck using Terok Nor, Original Series Earth and the original Cardassia Prime. This deck has a lot of dissidents, one of whom is Yassim, Vocal Martyr, along with the support cards you would expect. It also has Cardassian discard with the support cards you would expect such as Kotra. The deck has a good deal of Original Series crew but they mostly have the theme of discard retrieval. Granted a lot of that is geared towards the Original Series faction if not the Federation itself, but it can keep you alive in the game as draw decks shrink. It is notable that the ships are Federation and Non-Aligned so staffing might be an issue though you can play around that ‘handicap.’ Not introductory by any means but this is a fun mash up of several different strategies into one.

Joseph Bazemore just has two headquarters with his Deep Space Nine and Ferenginar fly in my soup deck. Using Pillar of the Community, this deck leans into the Thief (such as Christopher Pike, Prospective Orion Trader), Smuggler and Chef side of things, in that order. There are also a good number of commodities to work with but there are some other fun tricks such as Smuggling Run and Distant Exploration with all the missions begin in the Gamma Quadrant. Finally, Quark, Smarmy Restaurateur is there to supplement your Pillar and he Is not limited to once per turn. He’ll pay for himself in no time.

The first of two mono-headquarters decks, Sean O’Reilly tried mashing up the Think Tank with Androids but not just any androids, eeeeevil ones. If you are an android in this deck, you have treachery. And are a Son of Soong. As you would expect witha deck titled Think Tank, Borg adn Evil Androids, this deck leans into Non-Aligned Borg to supplement their Think Tank members, such as Seven of Nine, Ideal Candidate. This deck also has One Man Can Summon the Future, handy for all these high cost personnel and making sure you have the right card to play. This combination worked well enough to secure the win.

Last but not least, we have Rick Kinney’s how low can you go. Rick built this deck around Quick Trip, specifically with being able to end your turn early keeping some cards in your hand while doing so. Anij, Guiding Light is a key to this but Arandis, Risian Facilitator has a not insignificant role to play, to the point where there are three of these unique personnel in the deck. The main strategy is to get a bunch of cards in your hand with Anij and play them your next turn without having to discard in between. You can read more in Rick’s tournament report, but if you want to see the power of this new card, this deck will be a good way to do so.

The month of May is upon us with all sorts of fun to try from Classification: Civilian. Have fun with the cards and bring some along to your next tournament.

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