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Classification: Civilian: may Digest

by Ross Fertel, Emerald

7th June 2022

Classification: Civilian came out in February. The cards from that set have appeared in a lot of decks in the month of May. Let us explore how these latest cards were integrated into the meta.

It should be no surprise that Morphogenic Virus is still massively popular. A vast majority of the decks using the latest cards stock that dilemma and there are no signs of slowing. Consider this a warning if you are micro teaming or going with the Dominion.

D'Ghor, Plotting Like a Ferengi

Nick Yankovec used Pillar of the Community in a deck titled Gambit Part III. While Christopher Pike, Prospective Orion Trader is in the deck, there are a couple interesting additions with two and only two cards not being non-aligned. Kassidy Yates, Freighter Captain brings some valuable skills and a boost to attributes when you have a staffed ship at her mission. Elim Garak, Cold-Blooded Mastermind is there to help plug some skills holes as well, but the rest of the deck is full of Smugglers and Thieves. As the deck notes state, Crime cards are a key to this deck getting things up and running.

Samuel T. Cogley, Attorney at Law and Legal Proceedings make an appearance in Brian Sykes' TOS Assess. There is more Law than all but one other skill in this deck, making the strategy of coming around the corner pull through to success in this deck that has some other tried and true strategies for that faction specifically and the Federation in general. As you can tell by the title, the deck has Assess Contamination to help with some mission attempts.

Legal Proceedings will not be found in Rick Kinney's Old school TOS deck but there is plenty of use for the natural double of Anthropology and Law with at least one of those skills on every attemptable mission and appearing on most personnel in this solver. Sometimes you can avoid a personnel's gametext and enjoy their skills.

Raimus, Syndicate Collaborator appears in Matthew McClain's Multi-Species Dominion. We've seen decks optimized to use the headquarters and while this does not go entirely in that direction, there are a few strategies this deck can take to win even if the initial draw does not lend itself to taking advantage of the headquarters' gametext. All but aa few of the cards are the only copy in the deck and there is a bit of a Commodity bend to things as well though there is a solid enough amount of Acquisition in the deck to take advantage of that keyword.

Benjamin Liebich will probably not count D'Ghor, Plotting Like a Ferengi the Most Valuable Player in his Montys Python deck that won German Masters. There is a good Treachery theme running through the backbone of this deck but you will find subthemes of equipment and battle making this a mix of traditional Klingon standbys along with some of their lesser known but equally valid tactics to secure the win.

In four months, Classification: Civilian has made an impact on the Organized Play scene. Even Masters cannot withstand the new tricks this set has to offer all affiliations and factions. With more high-level events coming our way, we will see how the cards continue to have their place in the tournament scene.

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