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The Motion Pictures Remastered

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

17th June 2022

Hero Worship

After over a year of hard work, The Continuing Committee is proud to bring you The Motion Pictures Remastered. Featuring high resolution reprints of all 131 cards, this remastered expansion brings all of these glorious cards to printable high resolution. Our Art, Creative, Playtesting, and Rules teams have worked incredibly hard to bring you this expansion and everything it involves. We'll be sharing spoilers and articles with you over the next week before everything releases on Friday, June 24th.

What Does "Remastered" Mean?
The Motion Pictures Remastered is the 3rd such expansion we've released. Aside from the reproduction of the card in high resolution form, we take the time to "clean up" any antiquated wording and clarify the cards so they themselves tell you what they do. We aim to reduce or eliminate glossary entries with this work. At the same time, we examine the card to see if there are any other inaccuracies - wrong names in lore, misspellings, etc. Finally, we look to see if there are any changes we can make to improve the cards with the benefit of 20 years of hindsight. All put together, remastering an expansion brings new life into these classic cards.

And we know there are a lot of players out there that think these cards were just perfect as Decipher made them. We see you, we hear you, and we respect you. Although we have made some changes, they are all in the spirit of making the game better, clearer, and more fun. We all work to make sure Decipher's spirit and intentions shine through, even if we change some of the actual card text in the process. There are a few different types of changes you'll find:

Minor Modernization Changes
A number of wording standards have changed since the Decipher days of First Edition. For example, we made the decision several years ago to remove quotes from around game terms like "stopped." When we had the opportunity to do that in this project, we did so. For example, the phrase "fly by" on Hero Worship is now without quotes.

The Genesis Device

A very early decision by the CC was to stop using the incorrect "I.K.C." prefix for Klingon ships, and use the correct "I.K.S." instead. With this expansion, we've changed the names of 5 such ships - plus a handful of ship names in lore on other cards. Now, you'll see the I.K.S. Chontay instead of the I.K.C. Chontay - but don't worry, these are functionally equivalent by rule. Similarly, any references to an affiliation on a card now use the symbol instead of the word. Admiral Cartwright works exactly the same as before, but his skill say "a [Fed] Treaty" instead of a "Federation."

Named In Lore Updates
Over the years, The Continuing Committee has made lore a lot more important than it was during the Decipher years. In particular, a number of cards now care about "named in lore" references to other cards. Our Creative Team has taken this opportunity to update many card names in lore for The Motion Pictures Remastered. Of course, many of the personnel in TMP had entirely full lore boxes and used shortcuts to get it all to fit. Changing "Chekov" to "Commander Chekov" required trimming and rewriting some of the lore to make it all fit, but our team was up to the task. This is probably the biggest category of changes.

Rules Clarifications and Removing Glossary Entries
Our Rules Team worked tirelessly to make these cards tell you how they work on the card itself. By adding (or deleting) a few words and tweaking some others, several Glossary entries will be removed. Now, cards like The Genesis Device are worded to be more clear - which should hopefully spell fewer trips to the rules during games.

But they've done more than just clear things in regards to the glossary. In several cases, they've replaced out-of-date game terms with the correct ones, and removed agency from cardboard and returned it to the player. Did you know that there were special rules to account for the phrase "spaceline's long end" on The Whale Probe? By updating that to "far end of spaceline," the function remains and the need for a special rule is eliminated. Transport Inhibitor used to give permission for your personnel to prevent beaming, instead of being worded so that the player does so. That's been fixed as well.


Augmenting Khan
One of the bigger changes is to Khan and all of his followers: they have gained the augment keyword. The term augment - meaning a genetically enhanced individual - was introduced after The Motion Pictures released. But since the term is much shorted and 100% applicable, we've updated the lore of Khan, Joachim, Wajahut and the others to include it. This adds a few more options for Khan players now, and there will be more before the end of the year.

Searching for Sha-Ka-Ree
Sybok and his mechanics (via Release This Pain) have always been a bit of a mess. During the development of this expansion as well as the virtual movie expansions, our Design and Rules teams worked to find a new way to power this deck. The result was a new icon called the Sha-Ka-Ree icon - [SKR] - which now appears on Sybok, his followers, and associated cards. There are a few very minor gameplay changes from this, but everything now mostly works the way it did before. And we have a neat new icon to reference when making further Sybok-related cards.

Big Thanks
This product wouldn't be possible without the work of dozens of volunteers - rules experts, creative writers, testers, proofreaders, and artists. All worked hard to make sure we could bring you this remastered product that was far bigger than anything else we've done. A special thank you goes out to Rules Master James Heaney (@BCSWowbagger), Creative Director Paddy Tye (@KazonPADD), and Art Director Johnny Holeva (@jjh). However, none of this would have ever been possible without Jorn Engstrom (@admiral-mogh). Jorn spent weeks recapturing the original images used by Decipher so we could recreate these cards as faithfully as possible. This project could not have happened without Jorn, so he deserve the utmost thanks.

We hope you're excited to take a look at The Motion Pictures Remastered over the next week. We'll have spoilers, articles, and flashbacks to 2002 every day until the entire expansion is released on Friday, June 24th. These cards will all be legal immediately upon release, and will be released along side a special errata and ban update at that time. Please plan accordingly if you're playing in any events that weekend!

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