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The Menagerie Release

by Ross Fertel, Unreleased

22nd July 2022

The Menagerie releases today with forty-one new cards for your enjoyment. If you have been following the spoilers and scouring the internet, there are five cards that are a mystery to you until today.

We will start with Cryptic Revelation, useful for both the Pah-Wraiths and the Prophets. You look at the top three cards of your deck and place one in your hand, one out of play and one at the bottom of your deck. Many Bajoran players will not have difficulty regaining the card placed out of play, especially in a Prophet forward deck. Note that you will still end up with the same number of cards in your hand since one card goes right there. Additionally, since it is an Interrupt, you can play it outside the time you would normally draw but it is an order so you cannot go too wild with it. As a Prophet card, you can download it with The Celestial Temple, Seek Prophetic Guidance for extra fun during your turn.

PorthosBorven is a solid support card to have in your Cardassian Dissident deck. He might not look like too much to write home about, but he is cheap and comes with a download saving you a counter you would have to otherwise spend drawing. Both cards he can obtain are two cost Events that play in your core, but Rousing Reminisce protects your Cardassian Dissidents from choice selections by your opponent making them random instead and while Undaunted is unique, it is still a Decay card meaning it will go away sooner rather than later and it allows you to simply download a Cardassian Dissident from your deck when one is killed. These cards ill help get your deck going.

Rekelen is a bit more volatile to play and has a drawback seen on many Cardassian Dissidents. She does have a good amount of skills for your dilemma beating and mission solving fun at the dirt-cheap cost of one counter.

Built to be played later in the game if not outright swapped out courtesy of the Multidimensional Transporter Device, Joachim, Sensible Challenger can devastate your opponent later as things progress. By the time you reach that point, your opponent’s dilemma pile is probably already extended and looking a bit thin. Getting a couple key cards out of it might signal the death knell, especially since they are removed from the game. It is not a guarantee and at five points a pop, should be played carefully but if you can eliminate a key card from their dilemma pile, you could have a clear path to the endgame.

Last but not least is Norman, Locus of the Hive Mind, an Android who might seem like a deal breaker with that cost along with an ability that requires his demise. Those skills are varied enough to be of use and his ability can keep information away from your opponent or if you do not have the Androids to reveal. Either way, it is a costly ability but useful nonetheless.

The Menagerie releases today and will be tournament legal next Friday, July 29. This would not have been possible without the work of Playtesting, Rules, Creative, Proofreading, Programming and the Art Teams.

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