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The Menagerie is Tournament Legal

by Ross Fertel, Off the Streets

29th July 2022

The latest set from The Continuing Committee, The Menagerie, is tournament legal today. Some of the main themes of the set are Bajoran Prophets, Cardassian Dissidents, Androids, The Next Generation Alternate Universe and Khan, but there are some other gems to use in this set. Particularly, there are some cards worthy of your attention if you just think a bit out of that box.

As with all of possibilities, some of these are a bit more realistic than others, so your mileage may vary.

Andro – A natural of a double skill is nothing to take lightly. Andro’s double of Navigation is a very nice thing to have in your deck. He is not the faction’s only source, but he is the cheapest as of this writing. Just because he is the cheapest does not mean he is cheap as part of his cost in his gametext but you can ignore that part of his card if you want this in your Next Generation deck.

Barge of the Dead – The word Klignon is written out on this card, not by the icon. This card would be welcome in a Klingon Romulan Treachery deck, but it would not be entirely wasted in the right Romulan deck. If you play things right, this is not the worst card to put in your Romulan deck, provided you get the right Klingons in there. Remember, any Klingon can save any Treachery Klingon and with no Decay keyword, you can put as many on there as you want. At a cost of one, it is dirt cheap and not too bad of an idea to consider.

Exo III, Seek Lost Scientist – You get the most benefits for this mission if you are playing Androids, but even without the use of the gametext, this is not too bad of a mission to include in your deck. It is not the best but if those skills are in your deck in the right capacities and the points are not too low for you to still achieve victory, you might want to consider getting this in your mission selection. You also have the added benefit of making your opponent think you are playing a different deck than you actually are. You can also diversify your mission selection and avoid Agonizing Encounter altogether or lessen its potential impact.

James T. Kirk., Dubious Android – Maggie wrote about the benefits of this personnel earlier, but just like any other game, if you can pull specific cards out of your deck, you have a better idea of what is left in your deck. Even if your use of the cads you download is further down the line, you have the cards in your hand ready to go at a moments’ notice. These are not the universal cards found in all decks, but if you have a not insignificant number of them, this should be on the list of tools you consider using.

Pavel A. Chekov, Hapless Puppet – This card was built for that discount to be used. Note that you do not have to be playing a To Rule in Hell deck to get this discount. Khan Noonien Singh is useful in his own right and this Chekov has a nice selection of skills. Add in a mission that is not bad and you can pull this off even if not going entirely with Khan. Not optimized but certainly within the realm of possibilities.

Porthos – Of all the cards in this set, Porthos is probably the easiest to integrate into your deck. A planet version of Spot, you know how to use this card. The skills are different and while Diplomacy and Officer are more apparent on personnel, they also mean it will be harder to target a specific card your opponent is using.

Rishon Uxbridge – As a game, we have placed emphasis on four-or-more before but predominantly on personnel. There are some costly events you want to play but Kevin Uxbridge can get rid of a five cost one just as easily as one considerably cheaper. Worst still, you get no refund. Enter Kevin’s better half, allowing you to prevent the destruction of a valuable investment. The best part of the whole deal is that she is free to play and gives you the option of protecting your asset or not as the case may be.

The Celestial Temple, Seek Prophetic Guidance – As written, this card is geared towards the Prophets though Pah-Wraiths can stand to gain form the gametext. Integrity greater than thirty-two might be an issue for those decks, but both The Reckoning and Cryptic Revelation from this very set sport both keywords, meaning that this could find a home in a treacherous Bajoran affiliated deck.

The Menagerie is ready for your decks right now! This set would not have been possible without the efforts of Programming, Proofreading, Art, Creative, Rules and Playtesting. Download the set today!

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