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August 2022 First Edition Ban / Errata / Watch List Update

by Charlie Plaine, Director of First Edition

1st August 2022

Welcome to the first Monday of August, and thus the article for the regular update to First Edition. Today, we bring you a big update featuring 10 errata and 5 cards being removed from the OTF Ban List! We hope you're as excited as we are about this update. Let's go over the changes:

Errata Updates
A total of 10 different cards have been issued errata, effective immediately; although, 4 of the cards have alternate-image versions so we're issuing 15 total changes.


Cardassian Trap
Today's rules update will cover all the details, but this errata both modernizes and updates the wording on this dilemma to preserve functionality. It also removes the possibility of a [Car] player being completely locked out of the dilemma by adding a "Discard dilemma." statement to the end.

Amanda Rogers: Protector
Previously, a player could use this card in combination with a previously played End Transmission to create a lengthy lockout situation using dilemmas with countdown icons. This update, which now restricts the card to only cancelling just played interrupts, fixes this loophole.

Quite a Coincidence
This card is now updated to limit the scoring of points to once each game. Previously, it was unlimited so players could use it to kill their own personnel for an excessive number of points. Additionally, the card can now only be used on opponent's personnel.

Urgent Warning
This card has been updated to use the same wording as Obsession. When played, you (the player of the card) get to pick the spaceline where the card goes, but the opponent gets to pick the end of that spaceline.

Containment Field
Firstly, this card is no longer a [HA] card and there can be no surprise for the opponent when using it. Secondly, text has been added to prevent the card from leaving play. Even though it retains its [Ref] icon, this text prevents players from using this card offensively and cycling it out of play to force the opponent's cards on it to be discarded. Finally, the penalty for playing Going to the Top has been removed from this card entirely.

Strategic Base
This minor wording update bring the original printing of this card in line with the Promo Series R alternate image version. This should have been done at the same time as the promo's release, and I apologize for this oversight.

The Discovery of Sha Ka Ree
When updating this card for The Motion Pictures Remastered, we inadvertently left the opponent's side text on a previous version. This has been corrected, and now both sides of the mission correctly have the same text.

Defend Homeworld
This favorite seed card has now lost its [Ref] icon. In addition, the word "voluntarily" now appears before the anti-battle provision, removing the ability of a player to provoke the opponent into allowing a download of their entire deck.

Dixon Hill
Dixon Hill's special skill has been updated to only ignore non-attribute requirements. All other requirements - skills, named cards, etc. - can once again be ignored. To make room for this change, his special download has changed from his business card to "Any Business Card."

Excalbian Surak
The original version of this personnel allowed 3 cards to be drawn each time he killed. This was proven to be too reliable, especially in combination with his nemesis icon. His updated special skill now only works once per game.

OTF Ban List Updates
With their errata, Amanda Rogers: Protector, Quite a Coincidence, Dixon Hill, and Excalbian Surak are all removed from the OTF Ban List. Additionally, with the errata to Defend Homeworld, the combo with An Issue of Patriotism is no longer an issue. Therefore, An Issue of Patriotism is also removed from the OTF Ban List. Finally, there are no additions to the ban list at this time.

Watch List Updates
As per our policy, each time we remove a card from the OTF Ban List, it is added to the Watch List. This allows us to keep an extra eye on these cards to make sure that they are truly fixed and not continuing to cause problems. Therefore, Amanda Rogers: Protector, Quite a Coincidence, Dixon Hill, Excalbian Surak, and The Issue is Patriotism are added to the Watch List. If there are no issues with these cards for the next few months, they will be removed from the Watch List at that time.

That's all I have for you for the August update. Remember, our regular updates to errata, the OTF Ban List, and the Watch List are scheduled for the First Monday of each month. The next scheduled regular update is Monday, September 5th, 2022.

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