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Update 2E & Tribbles European Continentals 2022

by Julius Melhardt, European Organized Play Coordinator

4th August 2022

More additions to the schedule of Second Edition European Continentals 2022:

*) Day 1: 2022-08-20 11 am: 2E Standard Constructed, 5-7 rounds, depending how many participants we'll have

*) Day 2: 2022-08-21 11 am: 2E Standard Constructed - the form (single elimination, double elimination, swiss) will be discussed before Day 1 starts

*) Tribbles Continentals: will take place AFTER Second Edition day is completed on 2022-08-20. Standard Contructed (without TROUBLES), 1 or 2 rounds - depending on the number of participants

*) Side Event: There will be one side event on Sunday, 2022-08-21, starting after Day 2 is completed. For this I'd like to try something new: a "Keyword" tournament. To participate in this event you have to play a deck giving you ANY (or all ;-) ) of the 2E "Keyword" achievements listed online, except for "Beets Are a Very Misunderstood Vegetable". Try to play an infiltration deck, a Borg dissident deck, an android deck,... Do the best you can, we will appreciate it.

As for the other "side-events" this time: there will be plenty of other stuff you can do, playing test matches against some of the finest 2E players in the world, playing other board games, chatting with some very nice guys, ...

As you might have heard, Europe is something struggling nowadays. This is keeping a lot of us from focusing on Trek stuff, or on any other stuff.

Nevertheless, we're doing it. Why? To give us all some hours of "non-thinking-about-the future". So we're doing the best we can, giving you the best event we can, and we hope, it will be enough :-)

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