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Sybok's Recruitment Drive

by Paddy Tye, Army recruitment officer

24th August 2022

He Took Away my Pain!

During the development of Paradise Lost, we've kept the design of Sybok decks fairly flexible, so once you get started, you can grab whoever you want! Fully customizable – that's the name of the game! A simple approach might be pairing with New Arrivals for a free play and a card play at Paradise City. You could build a deck with universal Ferengi, Cardassians, Vulcans and Romulans say! Truly, a rainbow deck!

However, to make it easier to try Sybok out (for players new to using Release This Pain) we've added a few tools that follow a pretty straight forward route. The first tool is He Took Away My Pain! One thing you'll notice about Sybok decks, is they use a LOT of cards. Apart from [SKR] Sha Ka Ree and Non-aligned personnel, every other personnel you add to the group requires a second card (Release This Pain) to mix properly. That can end up being a lot of cards! He Took Away My Pain rewards you for using simpler Universal personnel, who will typically have less skills, by downloading an extra Release This Pain to hand, ready to have their pain released immediately after. And this isn't just once each turn – it's each time you play a Universal! This should really help smooth out the flow of your Sybok decks, although you might want to have an Obelisk of Masaka handy, just in case you build up too many Release This Pain in hand and need more personnel instead!

Galactic Army of Light

But maybe you want to stick in the [CF] Classic Films era? It's got an easy draw mechanism (The Undiscovered Country) to go with it after all! However, we couldn't give you an easy free play engine that could get stacked with other engines, so we had to make it a little trickier. Which brings us to today's second tool: Galactic Army of Light. This can provide you up to two free plays, but it can only be used at Nimbus III, and you can't report anywhere else. All your personnel have to be [CF] Classic Films era, and not augments (they have their owner leader to follow)! And you have to use Sybok and Release This Pain to add the [SKR] Sha Ka Ree icon, otherwise they're disabled.

Now, you're not tied down to keeping Sybok there, as Galactic Army of Light allows you to play Release This Pain at Nimbus III even while Sybok is elsewhere. He just needs to be in play – even if he gets captured or Ceti Eeled by an opponent! And if you fancy sending Sybok off to steal personnel from an opponent using A Passionate Vulcan, you can get him back to Nimbus III again afterwards using the once per game function! Just be careful that if you are playing [CF] Classic Films personnel and steal someone who isn't [CF] Classic Films era, you aren't relying on The Undiscovered Country for draws!

So now you've had a kick-start at Nimbus III and began to recruit the Galactic Army of Light. Next stop: Sha Ka Ree!

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